Come Back Stronger

The working people who make up UNITE HERE have faced the hardships of COVID-19 with grit and determination. Together, we are fighting for a recovery where no one gets left behind. As a union, we will COME BACK STRONGER.

Housekeepers Want to Clean Your Hotel Room Every Day!

Hotel guests think skipping housekeeping helps hotel workers, but it cuts housekeepers’ hours and makes their jobs even more painful because rooms are dirtier and harder to clean.

Workers to the Front!

UNITE HERE’s political program is a decades-long cycle of investment in building organizing infrastructure year-round, not just during election season. To win in 2022, we will need to run our largest program ever and we are prepared to do so. Our canvassers are already on the ground doing this work in Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

Protect Our Freedom to Vote

In 2020, UNITE HERE hospitality workers got out the vote in key states and took back our future. Now, as attacks on our freedom to vote are sweeping the country, we’re fighting back.

UNITE HERE Immigration

Past and present, immigrant workers have been at the center of our Union’s efforts to end poverty and change lives—from over 100 years ago, when our immigrant founders led the historic Bread and Roses strike, to today, when our immigrant members lead campaigns taking on some of the world’s most powerful billionaires and corporations.