Where’s the Disney Magic?


At Disney World in Orlando, over 350 Sodexo food service workers prepare and serve meals for Disney Cast Members (that’s any Disney employee—from maintenance crew to Mickey and Minnie). While Disney promotes itself as the “Happiest Place on Earth,” it’s far from a happy place for Sodexo workers.

Melvin, Kixia & Valeria
We almost lost our new home

When our daughter was born, I didn’t get any maternity leave pay. My husband worked around-the-clock at two jobs to make ends meet.

Our work schedules change all the time, and our hours have been reduced. Despite the fact that both of us work full-time at Disney World, we almost lost the new home we had worked so hard to buy.

I’ve had to spent the night in the break room.

I don’t have a car, so I use public transportation to get to and from work. It can take two hours each way, and all my co-workers and managers know this about me.

Sometimes I’m scheduled to close at night and open the next morning. On those nights, I’ve had to sleep at work, in the break room, because I don’t have enough time to go home.

My last raise was 0¢.

I’ve worked at Disney World for over 20 years, but when a new company came in to manage the food service, they didn’t want to hire me.

I fought for my job, and finally got it back, but I lost all my seniority. I used to make over $14, but now it’s just $8.50/hour. On top of that, I didn’t get a raise in the last raise cycle.

We know that Disney can do better!