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The UNITE HERE Student-Labor Partnership

Around the U.S. and Canada, UNITE HERE works with students and student organizations to win important changes in their communities. Hotel workers from San Francisco to Chicago, and university cafeteria workers from Southern California to New York City have built powerful coalitions with college and university students that both strengthen workers’ ability to stand up for respect, and also challenge college and university administrations to ensure that the schools are responsible and accountable employers and community partners.

Students have joined with UNITE HERE to demand fair wages, affordable health care, immigration reform and equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Through student-labor committees, union members and student activists have fostered dialogue and cooperation on both national and local issues.

Check out the Organizing Beyond Barriers website to folow more than 100 summer organizers doing exciting work throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Real Food Real Jobs ( is UNITE HERE's partnership with students around issues in the campus food service industry, including workers' rights, sustainable food initiatives and transparency in university food service contracting.

Since the beginning of this year, hundreds of campus dining workers have organized to join UNITE HERE, and students have played an important role in supporting the right to organize and improving working conditions in their dining halls.

Workers at five college and university campuses have won union representation in recent months. In February, cafeteria workers at Dominican University in Chicago joined UNITE HERE Local 1. In March, students played a huge role in helping Georgetown University cafeteria workers organize to join UNITE HERE. Workers also joined UNITE HERE at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, Stevenson University near Baltimore, and Carleton University in Ottawa.




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