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Congresswomen Judy Chu and other elected leaders join Hyatt Strikers on the Line

Local 11 President Tom Walsh, Congresswoman Judy Chu,
Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl, Cathy Youngblood,
and Margarita Ramos at the Hyatt Andaz West Hollywood strike

September 14, 2011

In recent days, many elected officials and other community leaders have joined Hyatt workers in on picket line.

On Saturday, September 10, the Hyatt Andaz in West Hollywood, hotel workers received a special visit from Congresswoman Judy Chu and other elected officials on the picket line. On Sunday at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, Jesse Jackson walked the picket line with striking workers.

On Monday in Honolulu, eight Hawaii state legislators joined the picket lines. We thank them for their courage and for their strong support of our cause. Today, our elected leaders helped workers get our message out about our struggle at the Hyatt and in particular the challenges of being a housekeeper. A special thanks to Sen. Clayton Hee (Chair, Judiciary & Labor), Vice Speaker Joey Manahan, Rep. Della Au Belatti (Vice Chair - Education), Rep. Jessica Wooley (Chair - Cultural & the Arts), Rep. Karl Rhoads (Chair - Labor), Rep. Ty Cullen (Vice Chair - Public Safety), Rep. Tom Brower (Chair- Tourism) and Rep. Henry Aquino (Chair - Public Safety)!

Hyatt workers in four cities nationwide began a weeklong strike last Thursday morning to protest the Hyatt’s mistreatment of housekeepers and other hotel workers. By striking, workers are standing up for decent jobs for themselves and their families, but they are also fighting for the right to take a stand against an abusive employer that is destroying good jobs in their North American hotels.

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